Lagerstein – The Pirates of the Sky

Ahoy ye scoundrels!

Rum filled cellars, beer wall to wall… yarrrharrrharrr. What a glorious day for the S.S. Plunderberg and my crew. It’s been 40 days since we found the greatest treasure. Worth more than the entirety of all the gold, silver, and bronze throughout the seven skies. This rum has no equal. This rum tastes superb.

Now Lagerstein with beer bongs in hands, we take to the skies. You may think you’ve tasted the finest of rums, the purest of ales. But never before has the world experienced a rumtastic party of this magnitude.
By the time you finish reading this, we’ll have already set sail. On-deck of the S.S. Plunderberg is a crew of 15 hungry-for-fun party pirates, having completed the recording of their second album “All For Rum & Rum For All”.

Our itinerary be simple; visiting every tavern, stopping at every port, partying with all the locals and drinking all sorts. Now, you bring your stein and hat. And we’ll bring the jungle juice, beer and rum. All who endeavour will forever join the Lagercrew on this never ending venture for fun.
Keep your salty eye peeled, gallons of treasure awaits to those who dig the deepest. Party Times Ahoy!

Captain Gregarrr,

Pirates on the S.S Plunderberg:

Captain Gregarrr – Empowering grog-fuelled cries (Vocals)
The Majestic Beast – Majestic shredding skills (Lead Guitar)
Neil Rummy Rackers – Tighter-than-a-virgin-tunas rhythmic walls (Rhythm Guitar)
Mother Junkst – Jigging power-synth attack (Violin/Keytar)
Jacob – The fiercest keys in all of the Caribbean (Keyboards)
Ol’ mate Dazzle – Galloping drunken drums (Drums)

Beer Bongs:

  • Colombo
  • Bongadille
  • Vulcan
  • Giles
  • Tom, The Fiercest Beer Bong in all the Caribbean
  • Frosty
  • Hydra-Bong


Drink ‘Til We Die – September 2012
All For Rum & Rum For All – February 2016

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