Drink ‘Til We Die

Drink ‘Til We Die



Product Description

Lagerstein are a folking, drinking, shouting and pirating rock/metal outfit. “Drink ‘Til We Die” is loaded with 12 fun filled tracks of loud guitars, soaring keytars, earworm melodies and adventurous tales that will have you singing drunken sea shanties for drinks and drinks.

Released 19 August 2012
Lagerstein’s debut album, Drink ‘Til We Die, was launched on Sunday the 19th of August 2011.

Recorded at Studio Anders Debeerz by Adam Merker
Mixed by Adam Merker and Dale J Williams
Produced by Dale J Williams
Mastered at LSD Studios by Lasse Lammert
Cover illustration by Elliott Bryan, design by Dale J Williams

Pirate Metal
1. The Rum Thieves 04:12
2. Dreaded Skies 04:46
3. Harpoon The Sun 04:58
4. Nightmare Ship 04:44
5. Pirate Music Piracy 04:38
6. Plunderberg 04:48
7. Slocken The Rum 03:31
8. Jungle Juice Journey 05:10
9. Beer Bong Song 06:00
10. Drink ‘Til We Die 02:45
11. Beer (Reel Big Fish Cover) 03:45
12. I’m On A Boat (The Lonely Island Cover) 12:06

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