“The goal is get as wild as possible, and few bands are more dedicated to the debauchery than Australian metal band Lagerstein.”

“Lagerstein are an infectious and endearingly positive force passionate about bringing happiness in the world.”

Ahoy Crew

Soaring through the seven skies are Australian party-pirates, Lagerstein. Over the last 10 years, 5 overseas tours, and 4 albums, Lagerstein have shared their unique blend of catchy melodies and piracy with the world, gaining a reputation for delivering an energetic and debaucherous live performance.

This reputation has taken them a long way, performing at some of metal’s biggest festivals including,  Wacken Open Air (DEU), Sabaton Open Air (SWE), Alpen Flair (ITA), Celtic Transylvania (ROM), Hammerfest (UK), and more.

Lagerstein is a seven-piece pirate band on a voyage to rock stages, create catchy music and have the best time!

Embracing the ideals of piracy, catchy melodies and fun has created the instantly recognisable sounds of partying that characterise Lagerstein. An eclectic band, blending a mix of musical styles, and drawing from a broad list of influences, fans need only know Lagerstein as the greatest party band of all-time. A crew of pirates who above all else, are here to create fun and joy for every single person they meet.


Listeners – 774K
Streams – 5.66 million
Followers – 10.9K

Followers – 20K

Followers – 4.4K

Views – 1.03 million
Subscribers – 3.64K

Latest Releases


Rock This ship sets the tone for the adventure, with Lagerstein reuniting with their shipwrecked captain to celebrate the fullness of life. It’s a tailor-made festival singalong that’s guaranteed to have audiences jumping on-deck and singing along. Violinist and keytarist Mother Junkst remarks that “We’ve aimed to take our music to a heavier place and reach a new level of joyful intensity, and I think we’ve succeeded with this track.” 


When rock meets pirates meets a can-do attitude you have the perfect storm for a good time. It is this recipe that Lagerstein  deliver upon with their latest effort ‘Lagerphone’. A tale of survival and friendship, Lagerphone tells the story of Captain Greggargh and his trusty companion the Lagerphone as they set out to prove you can have a good time no matter where you find yourself.

The band have upped their game working with the Grammy nominated production team at Atrium Studios in the USA. Looking to make a bold statement, they have gone with a traditional hardcore producer to bring a unique blend of intensity and fun. ‘Lagerphone’ features a hard-hitting and polished production, rife with the infectious hooks the crew have become legendary for.


Filmed at the end of 2019, the last maximum capacity LAGERSTEIN show prior to Covid restrictions, captured with 9 Cameras at Brisbane’s modern classic venue The Triffid!

​For the first time in their home town, LAGERSTEIN constructed their epic pirate ship stage and unleashed a full 90 minute party upon their fans.

​Filmed in high-definition with spectacular editing and outstanding live audio mixed and mastered by legendary Swedish Producer Fredrik Nordström, with cameras from the stage and the perspective of fans, it is the most authentic LAGERSTEIN live experience possible without actually being there! 

Studio Albums

25/7 (2019)

All For Rum & Rum For All (2016)

Drink ‘Til We Die (2012)

“If the whole world was like Lagerstein, there would be world peace.”

Largerstein Live

“As the Party Parrot was flapping around on stage and the Captain was egging the crowd to join along and ‘flap your arms’, I realized that Lagerstein is basically just The Wiggles but for alcoholic adults, and these big kids had the time of their drunken lives! I’ve never seen such an active and involved audience before and one that was so dedicated to the band.”


Festival Appearances

Notable supports

WACKEN OPEN AIR                 DE
SABATON OPEN AIR                 SW
ALPEN FLAIR                            IT
HAMMERFEST                          UK
MAMMOTHFEST                      UK
LAGERFEST                              AU
DEAD OF WINTER                   AU
CELITIC TRANSYLVANIA         RO              BLACKEN OPEN AIR                AU             NEW DEAD FEST                     AU

ALESTORM                            UK
KORPIKLAANI                       FI
FINNTROLL                            FI
KYLE GASS BAND                  US
DREAM EVIL                           SE
GLORYHAMMER                    UK
 ROSS THE BOSS                      US           STEEL PANTHER                    US   AIRBOURNE                          AU


“Their music is rambunctious, fun, infectious and impossible to resist”

The Lagerbar

In partnership with Mooloolaba locals Black Flag Brewing, Lagerstein launched their eponymous beer. For years the fans demanded a delicious beverage to go with the music, and their wish has been granted! ‘Lagerstein’ is a colourful lager, inspired by the bands favourite beers they’ve sampled around the world.

With the first batch of beer sold out in under 6 weeks, the fans greedily embraced all 180 cartons. Since then a second batch has been produced and distributed to venues country wide, to be enjoyed alongside the show. A third batch is now in preparation for presale as fans enthusiastically place their orders.


Following the success of ‘Lagerstein Lager’, Lagerstein teamed up with Queensland based distilleries Sunshine and Son’s & Nil Desperandum to produce Red King Gin, Sharkbait Vodka and Tall Tales Rum. 

Whether it’s music, parties, or now the bar, Lagerstein continues to provide quality experience’s to their fans.  


0418 466 623