Every ship needs a crew!

It’s time to join up! We’re here to deliver a sense of fun, freedom and adventure to everyone we meet, and we want to bring you all along on our journey. Everyone is welcome to hop aboard the S.S Plunderberg as we set sail to loot and party our way around the world. 

If you want to be a part of a global community where the music is always playing, the beer is always flowing and the pirate party times never stop, the Lagercrew is where you need to be. We’ve seen friends made for life, and even weddings happen. So now’s the time to become the pirate you’ve always dreamed of!

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S.S. PlunderbergOnline

Live-stream the party!

We work hard to ensure that none of our crew misses out on a Lagerstein party, so no matter where you are in the world you can step aboard our pirate ship the S.S. Plunderberg from the comfort of your home! Simply tune into our online experience at the ‘S.S. Plunderberg Online’ 

We’re pirates who love to party 25/7, and we keep the good times rolling with plenty of virtual fun and games for you to enjoy via our Twitch channel, Facebook Live streaming and more. We host regular concerts and parties aboard our online ship for your viewing pleasure. You’ll also get exclusive peeks into what goes on behind the scenes at Lager HQ. And did we mention our live Mario Kart battles?

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Where pirates gather – the lagerstein drinking crew

Keen to meet other like-minded pirates in an online space where you can swap stories about your pirate life adventures? Then join our Lagerstein Drinking Crew! This free-to-join Facebook group is home to pirates from around the world who all love to drink, party and blast their tunes nice and loud. 

The Drinking Crew is your gateway into the true Lagerstein VIP experience. As a member, you’ll get sneak peeks from the band of exciting upcoming events ahead of the general public, and we even run competitions through the group with merch prizes up for grabs.