When rock meets pirates meets a can-do  attitude you have the perfect storm for a good time. It is this recipe that Lagerstein  deliver upon with their latest effort ‘Lagerphone’. A tale of survival and friendship, Lagerphone tells the story of Captain Greggargh and his trusty companion the Lagerphone as they set out to prove you can have a good time no matter where you find yourself.


The band have upped their game working with the Grammy nominated production team at Atrium Studios in the USA. Looking to make a bold statement, they have gone with a traditional hardcore producer to bring a unique blend of intensity and fun. ‘Lagerphone’ features a hard-hitting and polished production, rife with the infectious hooks the crew have become legendary for.





Filmed at the end of 2019, the last maximum capacity LAGERSTEIN show prior to Covid restrictions, captured with 9 Cameras at Brisbane’s modern classic venue The Triffid!


For the first time in their home town, LAGERSTEIN constructed their epic pirate ship stage and unleashed a full 90 minute party upon their fans.

Filmed in high-definition with spectacular editing and outstanding live audio mixed and mastered by legendary Swedish Producer Fredrik Nordström, with cameras from the stage and the perspective of fans, it is the most authentic LAGERSTEIN live experience possible without actually being there! 




studio albums


25/7 (2019)

It’s no secret that Lagerstein likes to party, but just how long can they make the party times last? That’s the question the band sought to answer with their third full-length album release, “25/7”, a bold and bright concept album in which our party pirates steal an extra hour from the sun to party for 25 hours a day. 


Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Fredman in Sweden in the middle of a lengthy European tour, “25/7” represents a true evolution of Lagerstein’s core pirate metal offering, showcasing a more refined and heavier sound throughout the 13-track epic. 


The release of the hotly anticipated album coincided with Lagerstein’s career-defining live appearances at Sabaton Open Air and Wacken Open Air in 2019, and shortly afterwards won the band a People’s Choice Award at the 2020 Gold Coast Music Awards.




For their sophomore release, Lagerstein undertook the ambitious task of creating a captivating concept album bolstered by richly enhanced symphonic elements, while maintaining the memorable rock anthems they had become known for. 


“All For Rum & Rum For All” sent Lagerstein skyrocketing to new heights with the introduction of a dynamic new frontman in Captain Greggargh and stand-out album single Drink The Rum, which has since garnered almost 1.5 million streams on Spotify. 


Recorded and mixed at Studio Anders Debeerz, and mastered at LSD Studios once again, the swashbuckling concept album takes the listener on a journey to find the elusive Fountain of Rum. “All For Rum & Rum For All” catapulted Lagerstein onto the global stage with an international tour in 2016-2017 of 80 shows across 20 countries.


Drink ‘TIL WE DIE (2012)

The phrase “Drink ‘Til We Die” has now become synonymous with Lagerstein and their immersive pirate metal way of life. The debut full-length album release by Lagerstein established the band as the party pirates they are now globally regarded to be. 


A colourful anthology of drinking songs from the early years of the band, “Drink ‘Til We Die” was recorded and mixed at Studio Anders Debeerz and mastered at LSD Studios. With its unique feature of skits in between tracks, the album set the tone for the uplifting pirate music to come, and many songs remain fan favourites today, including Dreaded Skies and the rousing title track.