It’s no secret that Lagerstein likes to party, but just how long can they make the party times last? That’s the question the band sought to answer with their third full-length album release, “25/7”, a bold and bright concept album in which our party pirates steal an extra hour from the sun to party for 25 hours a day.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Fredman in Sweden in the middle of a lengthy European tour, “25/7” represents a true evolution of Lagerstein’s core pirate metal offering, showcasing a more refined and heavier sound throughout the 13-track epic.

The release of the hotly anticipated album coincided with Lagerstein’s career-defining live appearances at Sabaton Open Air and Wacken Open Air in 2019, and shortly afterwards won the band a People’s Choice Award at the 2020 Gold Coast Music Awards.