All For Rum & Rum For All

For their sophomore release, Lagerstein undertook the ambitious task of creating a captivating concept album bolstered by richly enhanced symphonic elements, while maintaining the memorable rock anthems they had become known for.

“All For Rum & Rum For All” sent Lagerstein skyrocketing to new heights with the introduction of a dynamic new frontman in Captain Greggargh and stand-out album single Drink The Rum, which has since garnered almost 1.5 million streams on Spotify.

Recorded and mixed at Studio Anders Debeerz, and mastered at LSD Studios once again, the swashbuckling concept album takes the listener on a journey to find the elusive Fountain of Rum. “All For Rum & Rum For All” catapulted Lagerstein onto the global stage with an international tour in 2016-2017 of 80 shows across 20 countries.